Leatherman Skeletool Multitool and Knife

Leatherman SkeletoolThere are many approaches to multitool design. It is possible to make a multitool very small to save on weight – a pocket or keychain multitool, as these types are frequently known – which makes the implement much lighter and easier to carry everywhere, but reduces strength, effectiveness, and perhaps versatility, since fewer tools can be fit onboard a tiny multitool. Another solution is the heavy-duty multitool, which has a hefty frame and fits a dozen – or even close to twenty – different functions into the space of a single tool.

The Leatherman skeletool family represents a compromise between these two extremes, as it were. The tools are large enough to give good leverage and contain a full-sized pocket knife blade, but every bit of extra weight has been stripped off them, as their boney name suggests. Like a skeleton, there is nothing but structure on the skeletool family of tools – even the solid parts, such as the handles and so on, are pierced with numerous holes, enough to lighten the tool without sacrificing overall strength.

Skeletools Models

The 2008 Leatherman skeletool CX Carbon Fiber Handle Multitool is 4 inches long closed and weighs a mere 5 ounces, which is half or less of the weight of some of the larger multitools (which may weigh 10 ounces or even more). Like most Skeletools, it is not quite as versatile as those designs which include many onboard tools, but it has been made to give some options to the user and is likely to prove useful in many circumstances.

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The 2008 Leatherman skeletool is made out of stainless steel, but has a tungsten DLC coating and carbon fiber handle scale. The tungsten coating, naturally, helps to protect the tool's metal from corrosive effects – although stainless steel may not rust, it is still subject to damage from the many other corrosive substances you might encounter in the course of a workday. One splash of a chemical can pit the handle and make it uncomfortable to use, or weaken its structure subtly, and the tungsten coating helps to avert this.

The business end of the 2008 Leatherman skeletool is a pair of regular pliers with dual wire cutters – one for regular wire, and the other for hard, tough wire. There is a bit driver in one handle, which can be fitted with a variety of different Leatherman bits, so that you can bring along whatever bits you are likely to need (flat blade, hex, Philips, and so forth). In the other handle, you will find a good-sized knife blade made out of high-strength stainless steel, with a partially smooth and partially serrated edge.

This dual-edge knife blade is one of the major distinguishing features of the 2008 skeletool as opposed to other variants of this tool – some people prefer smooth or serrated knives only, but if you want a spare, lean multitool with a knife blade with both types of edge, then this model may well be for you.

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